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Things are crazy, but awesome~

SOOO, out of nowhere, we're going to San Diego next Thursday for my dad's town reunion lol. Due the nature of the event having formal activities, Tina and I decided to go in Turks cosplay. (Cissnei and Shotgun) Then, mom reminded us that the three of us would go to Seaworld while my dad caught up with his friends, so Tina and I decided to wear more Turks cosplay there, too x'D (Nunchaku and Reno)

We have no lives, lol.

But AAAHHH AX IS DRAWING NEAR! We have 5 Turks in our group already~ ^^ I don't think Jiang will be Turk'ing (LOL...) it up with us, but I don't know. We will definitely be doing Guilty Gear, Turks, and then just VK'ing it up lol. And one of the days we'll be at Little Tokyo~ ^^

Being the daughter of an insanely protective Filipino mom, this is a HUGE DEAL FOR ME when she allowed me to go to AX by myself instantly (without her lol) with Kei, and she knows that he and I are sharing a room and a bed. My eyes kinda went O____O

I know I went to places without her, but the big deal is that she's letting me go. With my boyfriend.

Happy day~!

I love my new VK/Turk family. <333 Kou/George, Yu/Jenny, Kiyo, Kei. <33333333333333333333333

P.s. I haven't listened to Click-B since elementary/middle school lol. I found my copy of Cowboy and their 3rd album and went <333
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A decade into the life of Ruka

2000: Entered public school for the first time. Met Lindy and Debbie. Met Sandy, Zeus, Trevor, Mandino.

2001: Got together with Zeus.

2002: Stopped watching DBZ (LOL!) started going to arcades more. Met Leon. Met Amy. Began being haunted by an evil spirit thanks to Amy's tapping into the occult and unknowingly letting bad spirits in.

2003: Split with Zeus. Finished middle school and started high school. Met Angela, Jason, Lumpy, Ian, Chua, Mike, and Brenna. Met DJ and Alysia. Met Jimmy. Evil spirit left at the end of the year.

2004: Met Matt, began dating Matt. Began obsession with Alice Nine. Started RP'ing with Lindy.

2005: Met Josh. First convention (AV) and first masquerade. Joined Lohan and began lion dancing. Seriously started cosplaying.

2006: Split with Matt. Met Devin (FAG). Split with FAG. Met David and Grave. My Debut (18th b-day). Got back together with FAG.

2007: Split with FAG again. Went blonde. Knee cyst emerged. Went on graduation cruise and graduated during the summer. Cursed Bonanza. First year at UNLV. Met Kei at AV. Got together with Kei <333. 1st round of drama. Met DLo, cow, Keoki, annoying underaged bitch. Got my first 2 turtles, Carbuncle and Toaster (Tina's). Toaster died.

2008: 2nd round of drama. Annoying underaged bitch came to my house and was annoying. Opened my store at indoor swap meet. Met...a lot of people, including Wendy. Got Jam. Won "Best Novice Performance" with Kei at AV. Started Fashion Panel at AV. Met Kiyo. First trip without parents. Hah. Got turtles Taco, Ike, Monkey, Tank. Monkey and Tank died. Got turtle Waffle.

2009: 3rd round of drama. Wanted to quit JTeam due to never-ending drama I got pulled into. Went to Mexico with the Lohans, became better friends with Fa Jun. Car accident. Disneyland with Toeknee and Jimmy (Kei joined us on the 2nd trip a few weeks later). Got bunny Reila. Multiple rounds of drama (it was weekly.) J-Team prom. Officially became friends with Kim and everyone. 2nd Fashion Panel at AV. First jrock band live (ALSDEAD and Satsuki). Met ALSDEAD...haha Shin~ More drama. Helped Kei move. Closed store at swap meet. Grandpa was dying....then died of lung cancer a day before my 21st birthday. Even more drama (this time, family). First Christmas at Kei's. (this year was a drama-filled year...)

2010: Began working at Doki Doki Maid Cafe. Yet another round of drama (supposedly last). Worked on first film set. Met Sean in person. Preparing cosplay for AX, San Diego, and AV for myself, Kei, and Tina. Currently at 2 years, 8 mos. for Kei and myself. <3

Sweet Odin...those are only key points, too >
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Best Christmas EVAR. <3

It was only Christmas Eve, but it has been the best Christmas so far, even though it ended in a back-ache ;___; But t'was awesome!

My friend, Kiyo, picked me up in the morning to take me to Chinatown, where Kei and Jeff were gonna pick me up after they got off work. I bought Jeff's present fresh (custard pies) and got Kiyo a Santa cookie for driving me. =D Parking sucked. But we met up with Kei and Jeff, and Kiyo and I parted ways. =D

We drove back to the boys' house, and then insert the most awesome Christmas ever. <333 I love my hubby! He makes me feel so loveded. <3333 I'm glad he liked his present (we got an intense inside joke out of it xD) and I love all the presents he gave me! Best of all, LOVE LOVE LOVE YAY~!

I had two dinners tonight, so hurray for food~! <3

I love my family(ies) <3333

P.S. I'm awesome at sniping in MW2. (not really...but kinda) xDDD

P.S.S. I've been sick, so I've been taking Nyquil every night. It's kicking in right now. Good night. <3
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Things have been looking up

Yeaaaap, things have certainly gotten better. And now the one thing on my mind (#2, since Kei's always #1, haha <3) is MONEY.


Money helps fund cosplay, then therefore I can make them. And I can also get my machine repaired. She's been down since AVcon back in September. ;___; poor Elna...

Speaking of cosplay, I have the Albel costume from Chris (4ng31) already, and I'ma be altering it~ ^^ Kei has his Sexy awesome Overture Sol, and we've already fixed up his wig. <333


...are all on this MEME. =D

Collapse )

So yeaaaap, I have a lot to do. Plus, I'll be entering the ICMAC tournament in San Diego next month. =D Yayyyyy kung fu battleeeeee~
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ruka xxx world has been a roller coaster in the past few weeks... grandpa passed away a day before I turned things have been REALLY hectic since then. I love my grandpa a lot...he raised me since I was a baby, and he died just before I could become a full-fledged adult... ;___; He fully supported my lion dancing, and told me once that he hoped Kei and I could bear him great-grandchildren. *saaad* =[

I left him a small Pikachu in his coffin, and now he could be with my little brother and my friend Jay, who are buried in the same cemetery. My brother would've been 14, Jay 23. ;____;

Things have been rough without much that my cousins and I spend the night at my grandma's every weekend so she won't be lonely. Hell, my grandpa watched over me on Halloween, until I got back to my grandma's safely. My grandma smelled a strong perfume (neither Kei nor I wore anything at that time) overwhelm the house as soon as I walked in, which I didn't smell, and it went away when my grandma asked, "Is that you, Daddy?" (we call our grandparents Mommy and Daddy.)

;_____; I miss my grandpa... I wrote a really long tribute to him on my Myspaz blog the day we put him to rest. ;___;

But, Kei did his best to make me feel getting me the most awesome birthday present...a PS3. <333 And he urged me to reserve Tekken 6 with the check I got from the Swap Meet, so I did. And I've been playing it everyday ever since. <3

I wish my grandpa would've lived longer, I wanted to dress him up as Wang Jinrei from Tekken...but I'm glad he died. He won't have to suffer from lung cancer anymore, and he died peacefully wth my grandma and all of his children at his hospital bedside.

Anyhoo, back to treating my headache. Then playing some more T6 before bed. Good night.
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YAYYY Renn Faire + CF Season 2!!!

I can't WAIT for Renn Faire! <33 This Sunday = YAY! It's been hectic trying to plan an outfit, especially when Kei called me up and told me that it'd be cold that day ;___; So he told me to watch what I I'm ditching the hella sexy outfit and just sticking to plain ol' cutesy but sexy.

I'm borrowing Mika's Putumayo dress again, and since I still wanted to wear my Tripp velvet corset top, It should go nicely with the dress. I don't have to worry about the top having no red like the dress does, since my hair balances it out. *lol*

I've already printed out flyers for the new DokiDoki cafe, and cut them up so they look cute~ For more information about Las Vegas' new maid cafe, check out our Myspace~ =]


I'm now part of Dragonazul85's "Capcom Friends" Season 2 cast! I'll be VA'ing as Kyrie of DMC4. If you don't know what Capcom Friends is, I suggest you watch the series here on Youtube:


Pics for Renn Faire will come soon...after the event >D
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